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i guess nobody cares..

please read this im in need :)

Hey guys, i know im a huuuuuuge pain in the ass as per usual, but i’d really like for u guys to do me a favor :) i’ve been really down this past few days, seriously doubting if niall will love me, if he will fall for me, if u guys still shipped us together, all thatbwas making my head hurt for all these days. My concert is in 13 days, im soooo excited but at the same time, nevous and scared of what will happen…what if niall doesnt see me as his princess? will he actually fall for me? am i pretty enough for him? all these questions haunt me, and im truly scared. All i need is some of your support, if any ANY of you ship Naria i’d gladly like to know who it is and maybe a why? idk im just im so nervous i just i need some confidence boost, whatever, if anyone diesnt know who i am or what i look like, you can read about me and see my face at the page linked to my name in my description. Many thanks and i actually hope this works…thank you and i lovr you :) xx

Friendly reminder that this guy is soon released on stage again. x

Mr & Mrs Humes Wedding - July 27th, 2012

Niall is a fucking freak - a life changing masterpost



He’s such a damn weird maniac, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s scary, but it’s always hot


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